Michael T. Miller

Michael T. Miller

Professor of Higher Education


(RHRC)-Rehab, Human Resources, & Comm.Disorders

Phone: 479-575-3582

Fax: (479) 575-8797

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Michael T. Miller currently serves as Professor of Higher Education in the College of Education and Health Professions. He previously has served in several administrative roles, including Dean of the College of Education and Health Professions, Senior Associate Dean, and Department Chair at the University of Arkansas. He also served as the Associate Dean of the College of Education at San Jose State University and as Chair of Higher Education at the University of Alabama.

He has served as president of two associations (NSSG and EERA) and on the board of directors of five national associations.  He has served as the editor of three different academic journals, and has been recognized for his research, winning the AIR Director’s Paper Award and the Council for the Study of Community College's 2015 Senior Scholar Award.  He was the 2016 Clemmens College of Education Distinguished Speaker.

Miller has published nearly 300 articles and chapters, has authored three books, and has edited eight books.  His primary area of research has been aligned with participatory communities in higher education, related to both student and faculty involvement in institutional life.  He served as the editor of the Journal of College Orientation and Transition and The Journal of Research in Education.  He has also served on the editorial boards of five different journals.

His international work includes participation in the World Bank funding of postsecondary reform in Hungary, vocational technical education assessment in Jamaica, serving as a Bi-National Fulbright Commission Scholar in Egypt, and lecturing on higher education administration and management in China and Spain.

Shared governance in higher education, particularly faculty and student involvement in governance

Finance and fund raising in higher education

Organization and administrative issues in higher education

Community expectations of educational outcomes related to postsecondary access

Higher education governance and finance

Higher education management and organizational behavior

Community colleges

UNIV 1001     University Perspectives:  Destination Graduation (1 credit)

ADLL 6333    Quantitative Analysis (online course; 3 credits)

ADLL 6413    Quantitative Methods in Adult Education (3 credits)

HIED 5003     Overview of American Higher Education (3 credits)

HIED 6022     Introduction to the Study of Higher Education (3 credits)

HIED 6073     Management Concepts Applied to Higher Education Institutions (3 credits)

HIED 6173     Individual and Group Management Skills (3 credits)

HIED 6343     Strategies for Effective College Teaching (3 credits)

HIED 6423     Trends, Issues, and Problems in Higher Education (3 credits)

HIED 6663     Finance and Financial Management in Higher Education (3 credits)

HIED 6683     Governance and Policy Making in Higher Education (3 credits)

HIED 6993     Research Techniques in Higher Education (3 credits)

WDED 572V  Dissertation Writing Seminar (3 credits, online course)


San Jose State University:  EDAD 200          The School Manager (3 credits)

EDAD 201      The School Leader (3 credits)

EDLD 242H   Fieldwork in Higher Education (2-6 credits)

EDLD 298X   Organization and Management of Higher Education (3 credits)

Ed.D., University of Nebraska, Community and Human Resources (Continuing and Postsecondary Education)
M.S., Southern Illinois University, Higher Education
B.A., Southern Illinois University, Political Science

Recent journal articles published include:

Murry, J. W., Jr., Miller, M. T., Grover, K. S., & Kacirek, K. (2019). Managing the academic department’s culture: Perspective on human resource management in higher education. International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management, 1(2), 35-40.

Smith, E. A., Gearhart, G. D., & Miller, M. T. (2019). Understanding alumni relations programs in community colleges. International Journal of Higher Education, 8(5), 176-184.

Tolliver, D. V., III, Kacirek, K., & Miller, M. T. (2019). The perceived family and parental influence of African American men who enroll in community colleges. Cross-Cultural Communication, 15(1), 1-6. Doi:10.3968/10938.

Gearhart, G. D., Abbiati, M., & Miller, M. T. (2019). Higher education’s cyber security: leadership issues, challenges, and the future. Journal of New Trends in Education, 10(2), 11-18.

Miller, M. T., & Fincher, S. M. E. (2019). Getting the right mix of students: Finding a balance between in- and out-of-state students. Journal of Educational Studies, 5(1), 1-8. Doi:10.5296/gjes.vi1.

Grover, K. S., & Miller, M. T. (2018). Issues facing community college job training programs: A Delphi approach. The Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 66(3), 170-175. doi: 10.1080/07377363.2018.1525523

McAllister, J., Murry, J. W., Jr., & Miller, M. T. (2018). The writing apprehension of African American men in college. Journal of Race, Gender, and Class, 24(3-4), 119-131.

Gearhart, G. D., & Miller, M. T. (2018). Perspectives on time commitment to fundraising by community college presidents. Journal of Research on the College President, 2, 40-47.

Gearhart, G. D., Miller, M. T., & Nadler, D. P. (2018). An exploration of the benefits and challenges of public higher education systems. The Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education, 14(1), 29-36.

Deggs, D. M., & Miller, M. T. (2018). At the intersection of community expectancy and critical theory: Emerging perspective to support student needs. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, doi: 10.1080/10668926.2018.1524336

Gearhart, G. D., Smith, E. A., & Miller, M. T. (2018). Community college crowdfunding: New strategy or latest fad? Community College Journal of Research and Practice, doi: 10.1080/10668926.2018.1520660

Smith, E. A., G. D. Gearhart, & Miller, M. T. (2018). Planned giving in community college development efforts: Plans, strategies, and luck. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 18(2), 145-152.

Emory, J., Kippenbrock, T. A., Lee, P. B., Miller, M. T., & Reimers, J. (2018). Communication apprehension and willingness to listen in nursing education. Journal of Professional Nursing, 34(4), 284-288. doi:10.1016/j.profnurs.2017.09.004


Tolliver, D. V. III, & Miller, M. T. (2018). Graduation 101: Critical strategies for African American men college completion. Education, 138(4), 301-308.

Katsinas, S., G., & Miller, M. T.  (2018). Community college state directors’ perceptions of changes to adult education: A national portrait. Journal of Lifelong Learning, 27, 55-66.



University of Arkansas, 2003-present

College of Education and Health Professions

Dean and Henry Hotz Endowed Chair, 2016-2019; Senior Associate Dean, 2013-2016; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 2009-2013; Department Head, Rehabilitation, Human Resources, & Communication Disorders, 2006-2009; Professor, Higher Education, Adult and Lifelong Learning, and Public Policy programs, 2005- present; Associate Professor, 2003-2005

San Jose State University, 1999-2003

Associate Dean, College of Education, Associate Professor, Educational Administration

University of Alabama, 1994-1999

Chair, Higher Education Administration Program, 1997-1999

Associate Professor, 1997-1999, Assistant Professor, 1994-1997

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1989-1994

Assistant Professor, Adult and Postsecondary Education, 1991-1994

Director, Nebraska Research and Development Unit for Vocational Education, 1991-1994

Southern Illinois University, 1986-1989

Director of Annual Giving, 1987-1989

Assistant Director of Annual Giving, 1986-1987

American College Personnel Association, Certificate of Recognition for Research, 1995

Association for Institutional Research National Conference Paper, Director's Choice, 2009

Association for the Study of Higher Education, Nominee, Early Career Scholar Award, 1995

Council for the Study of Community Colleges Senior Scholar Award, 2015

            Cited, Second Most Prolific Author in Community College Research for the 1990s, 2003

            CCJRP Editor’s Choice Award for Research, 2013

East Tennessee State University Clemmens College of Education Distinguished Lecturer, 2016

Eastern Educational Research Association, Distinguished Service Award, 2019

Juror, Brock International Prize in Education, 2017

San Jose State University

Contribution to Excellence, College of Education, 2002; Outstanding Service, College of Education, 2002; Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation, Graduate Studies and Research, 2002

Southern Illinois University

            SIU Postdoctoral Academy, 1991-1999 (program discontinued)

            College of Education Volunteer Assistance Award, 1987

Tabitha Health Care Services, Outstanding Advancement Employee, 1990

University of Alabama

Certificate of Appreciation, Division of Student Affairs, 1998; College of Education Faculty Excellence Award, 1997, 1998

University of Arkansas

Student Alumni Association’s Outstanding Teacher Award, 2005; Associated Student Government Outstanding University Teacher, 2005, 2007 (Nominee in 2010 and 2012);

Departmental Outstanding Faculty Member Award, 2005 and 2006; Departmental Outstanding Research Award, 2004 and 2005; College of Education and Health Professions Faculty Resolution of Appreciation for Commitment to Shared Governance, 2017

University of Nebraska

Outstanding Service, Omicron Tau Theta, Sigma Chapter, 1992; Omicron Tau Theta Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, Runner Up, 1991

Syracuse University, Alexander Charters Fellow, 2015

University Council on Vocational Education, Certificate of Recognition, 1992