G. David Gearhart

G. David Gearhart

Professor of Higher Education and Chancellor Emeritus

College of Education and Health Professions

(RHRC)-Rehabilitation, Human Resources, and Communication Disorders

Phone: 479-575-5235

Fax: (479) 575-4913

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Dr. G. David Gearhart became the chancellor of the University of Arkansas on July 1, 2008, following 10 years of service to the university as vice chancellor for University Advancement. Previously he served as senior vice president and managing director of the international consulting firm Grenzebach Glier & Associates, Inc. Before his service at GG&A, Dr. Gearhart was senior vice president of Penn State University, during which time he was named a Fulbright Scholar, studying at Oxford University in Oxford, England. His Bachelor of Arts degree is from Westminster College where he was named a distinguished alumnus in 1992. Both his law degree and his Doctor of Education degree are from the University of Arkansas. He is a native of Fayetteville. Prior to being appointed chancellor, Dr. Gearhart oversaw the Campaign for the Twenty-First Century, the most successful capital campaign in Arkansas history, which raised more than $1 billion for academic programs. That campaign included a $300 million gift that established the Honors College and endowed the Graduate School. As chancellor, Dr. Gearhart instituted the first tuition freeze in 24 years; implemented a $500 million campus building renovation, refurbishment, and construction plan, as well as a campus-wide energy savings and utility system upgrade plans; and led a sustainability campaign across the entire campus.   He has also undertaken a renewed emphasis on the arts on campus, including the establishment of the “All Steinway Campus” and the Jim and Joyce Faulkner Performing Arts Center.  He is well known for his emphasis on “Students First,” a philosophy which resonated across campus. With enrollment topping 28,000 students during his tenure and an 80 percent increase in diversity since 2008, the University of Arkansas was recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as the 7th fastest growing public research university in the country and by U.S. News and World Report as an “up and comer” public institution.  In 2011, the Chronicle named the university on its list of “Great Colleges to Work For,” and in 2010 the Carnegie Foundation awarded the university its highest research classification. During his tenure, Dr. Gearhart has promoted transparency and accountability as well as implemented a major cost savings program that has already resulted in over $80 million in cost reduction and savings. Dr. Gearhart has been a passionate advocate in the promotion of the Dream Act on both the national and state levels. In 2015 the Board of Trustees named a major academic building on campus the G. David Gearhart Building. The Board also named the on campus full circle food pantry after Jane Brockmann Gearhart. He and Jane, have two children and five grandchildren.



  • College administrative and leadership dimensions 
  • Faculty involvement in institutional governance and academic democracy 
  • Capital Campaigns in higher education settings
  • Finance, management, and administration of higher education
  • Governance
  • Development, Advancement, External relations
  • university presidency
  • Change in Higher Education
  • non - profit management
  • Ed.D., University of Arkansas, Higher Education Administration
  • J.D.,   University of Arkansas, Law
  • B.A.,  Westminster College


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Gearhart has authored four books as well as numerous articles. He has been a featured speaker for many professional organizations.

He is an "of counsel" senior member of a nationally prominent philanthropic management consulting firm with current client fund-raising goals totaling in excess of $10 billion. Clients include institutions of higher education and health care; cultural, regional and national institutions; and other nonprofit organizations.

He is licensed to practice law – Arkansas Jurisdiction.

Gearhart’s primary line of inquiry has been a process study of the major elements of planning and conducting capital campaigns for colleges and universities. Running a successful campaign can fundamentally transform an institution by keeping it on the cutting edge of higher education.

Oustanding teacher award from department - 2017