RHRC Department Head:

Kate Mamiseishvili, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Higher Education and Department Head
Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders
Phone: 479-575-4758
Fax: 479-575-3319

Departmental Office Staff:

Bonnie Crain, Fiscal Support Specialist
116B Graduate Education Building
Phone: 479-575-4891
Fax: 479-575-3319

Virginia Hill, Administrative Specialist II
273 Epley Center for Health Professions
Phone: 479-575-4893
Fax: 479-575-4507

Danielle Sexton, Administrative Analyst  
106 Graduate Education Building
Phone: 479-575-4758
Fax: 479-575-3319

RHRC Student Services:

Larry Aslin, Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor for Communication Disorders
272 Epley Center for Health Professions
Phone: 479-575-4918
Fax: 479-575-4507

Ana Ayala, Undergraduate Advisor for Human Resource and Workforce Development
116A Graduate Education Building
Phone: 479-575-4690
Fax: 479-575-3319

Sandra Ward, Coordinator of Graduate Student Services
112 Graduate Education Building
Phone: 479-575-4188
Fax: 479-575-3319